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Stainless steel bearing

Mayata’s stainless steel bearings range from bore 3mm to 85mm, with outer diameter from 8mm to 110mm. Detailed type numbers are including SF3-8mm~SF10-18mm, and S51100~S51117, S51200~S51212, S51305~S51310. 
Besides, Mayata also helps to design and make stainless steel bearings of special purpose for  not only food machinery and but also adjuster of railway brake system. We will choose appropriate stainless steel material and special heat treatment process, and develop relevant machine & equipment to assure the stability and lifetime of the products.

Stainless steel bearing for special application

Stainless steel bearing for special application

Standard stainless steel bearing SS51100SS51117, SS51200SS51212, SS51305SS51308

Micro standard stainless steel bearing SSF3-8MSSF10-18M

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