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Company Profile

Established in the year of 2000, Mayata now has three factories. We are engaged in developing and manufacturing not only thrust ball bearings, but also all kinds of high-performance & long service life special non-standard bearings. Meanwhile we are able to design, research, develop and produce precision mechanical components, precision forgings and automotive injection parts.

Mayata has obtained certificates of ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001. Positioned to meet middle and high quality level, our products are widely used in field of railway, automotive industries and cleaning equipments.

With consistent efforts in science & technology innovation, Mayata has been awarded as technology enterprise and R&D center several times. We possess over 30 certificates of patents and 4 invention patents. Mayata participated in the formulation of one national standard and two industry standards.

Our motion--- Never-ending Science & Technology Creation and Innovation!

Our Mission---Green Production, Value Creation for Customers!

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Product Theme

  • 26 2021-06 EPS (Electric Power Steering) resin worm wheel

    Yielded from the experience of EPS worm wheel production, Mayata developed several nylon resin formulas, and applied on the products successfully. Meanwhile Mayata designed many kinds of steel core plates according to different demands of the whole worm. Especially the one-unit axle design with integrated forged shaft and core plate, it skipped the process of assembling the output shaft with the …

  • 22 2018-11 Stainless steel bearing

    Mayata’s stainless steel bearings range from bore 3mm to 85mm, with outer diameter from 8mm to 110mm. Detailed type numbers are including SF3-8mm~SF10-18mm, and S51100~S51117, S51200~S51212, S51305~S51310. Besides, Mayata also helps to design and make stainless steel bearings of special purpose for not only food machinery and but also adjuster of railway brake system. We will choose appropriate

  • 17 2018-08 Introduction of automotive parts

    We design and develop a series of automotive products based on the experience accumulated in production technology and cooperation for material developing with Science and Development Institute, covering processes of forging, machining, heat treatment, grinding and plastic injection.

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