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Mayata test center has metering room, inspection room, physical & chemical analysis room. Adopted international standard ISO199:2005. It’s qualified with Certificate for the System of Inspection, Measurement & Test from official Measurement Institute.

3D-Measurement machine

Universal measuring length project

Ultrasonic flaw detector

Fluorescent magnetic powder flaw detector

Roughness and coutour meter

Electrolyic coating thickness tester

Dynamic balancing testing machine

Analytical balance


welding seam tester

Computerized universal testing machine

Metallographic microscope

Bearing radial clearance tester

Torque testing machine


Rockwell&Brinell hardness tester

Rockwell&Brinell hardness tester

Roundness test machine

Intelligent non-destructive separator

Bearing life test machine

Mitutoyo contoer tester

Mitutoyo roughness tester

Material physical test machine

Mitutoyo height tester

High & low temperature tester

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